My personal symbol is like a mirror
 more a glorified mirror

 It shows my soul ...

 A soul mirror that feeling through channels makes its appearance
 pass my outside and paves the way to the inside
 with my inner self in touch

 Recognition ...

 Something in me starts to move and let me remind

 Who am I?
 where do I come from
 and .... where am I going

 The building blocks that I had been notified of my neighbor
 and far ... far around it will change
 to regain my temple
 I recognize that only

 I am my own creation ...


A personal symbol

is an original work commissioned drawn.
 Prior to signing the name and birth date requested, which granted permission to the compounds in the symbol to receive. For each symbol belongs accompanying text, that 8 weeks after receipt of the personal symbol is sent by post.
 Size 30x40 (with frame 40x50) € 1500.00

 Personal symbols are also made for,
 practices, spiritual centers, businesses and organizations.

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Kunstenares, Auteur & Uitgever van Spirituele Geometrische Kunst