Cosmic Symbols introduction

A Cosmic Symbol is a geometric shape, abstract, and constructed from lines that connect to each other. By connecting to a Cosmic Symbol a connection is created between both. This way, a more thoroughgoing effect can take place during that connection. A signal is given to layers of consciousness, creating an intuitive experience. The pattern given by the symbol not only shows the connections but also layerings that give the feeling that you are going through the layers. You will notice, for example, that when focusing on a particular part of the symbol, you can draw that part toward yourself, thereby moving other parts of the symbol to the background. You navigate through the symbol, as it were, giving you the feeling you are navigating through yourself. When you allow this form of movement to emerge, then it is even possible to experience the symbol separate from the paper. You can move through the symbol … and even get behind it. Through its number of connections and layers, the symbol can evoke perceptions that go much and much further than the naked eye can observe. In that case we speak of a trance journey on which you are taken to establish a deeper contact with yourself.

Contacting geometry

The many shapes and colours the symbols show will speak to you and touch you in different ways. This can differ from one moment to the next. One symbol, for instance, will draw your attention in that particular moment, while another moment a completely different symbol draws your attention. This is inherent to the moment of your unique being. The exact moment you like a certain symbol or do not like it at all but still draws your attention is actually not all that relevant: what’s important is the exchange taking place.

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Kunstenares, Auteur & Uitgever van Spirituele Geometrische Kunst