Joke de Bruin is a “cosmic” artist. She acts as a channel for a higher power to receive abstract images, depicted in impressive geometric symbols. These symbols, also known as “Sacred Geometry” have already been drawn by hand by Joke from an early age in many shapes and colours, without any aid such as compass or ruler. More than 2,000 unique geometrical symbols have appeared through her hands and have gained a place in practices and peoples’ homes. The Cosmic Symbols call upon a memory or recognition when they contact our human system. They open channels and bring us to a pure connection stored deeply within every human being. Every symbol contains unique information in the shape of its own code or energy that is transmitted through vibrations that enable frequency increases and changes. Threads of energy, that bring a language with a depth in our human system. Emotions, recognition and awareness are natural when in contact with and open to this cosmic language that time and again touches that inner freedom.

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Cosmic Symbol "Connection"
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Kunstenares, Auteur & Uitgever van Spirituele Geometrische Kunst